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You’ve bought a laminate flooring, but now can’t find the laying instructions for it? We’re here to help you! You can find the laying instructions for laying 1clic 2go for free download here, as a PDF file in a wide range of languages. Simply click on the language you want, open the PDF and download the instructions or print them off directly. You can also view the appropriate video before you start laying the laminate – it will also demonstrate the individual steps for you.

How do I lay laminate? What do I need to be aware of when it comes to sealing the floor? What equipment do I need to lay 1clic 2go? What’s the best way to clean the laminate flooring? The laying instructions have answers to these and many more questions. In addition, you will find valuable tips and tricks about laying and caring for laminate. So you don’t need to employ a professional fitter – you can lay the laminate quite easily yourself; with our laying instructions, available for free download, this operation is problem free.